Sherlock Holmes

Director Andrew Shaver has cooked up a stylish, sardonic staging  Globe and Mail

The Case of the Splendid Staging  Montreal Gazette

Directed the world premiere of Greg Kramer’s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, starring Jay Baruchel, May 2013 at the Segal Centre in Montreal. In 2015, Sherlock went on to tour LA, Chicago, DC, and Toronto starring David Arquette as Holmes, as well as much of the original Montreal cast.

Sherlock Holmes won several Montreal English Theatre Awards including  Outstanding Production and Outstanding Director


Featuring Deena Aziz, Jay Baruchel, Chip Chuipka, Patrick Costello, Graham Cuthbertson, Mary Harvey, Matt Gagnon, Kyle Gatehouse, Karl Graboshas, Gemma James-Smith & Trent Pardy.

The sexy little teaser put together by George Allister and Patrick Andrew Boivin.

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