The Actor

Wildly physical and very funny! The Globe Mail 

Hilarant! La Presse

A splendid farceur! Montreal Gazette


Andrew is a great (bilingual) shmactor and a more than passable thespian. 

He’s acted the fool in plenty of your favourite theatres, including: The Stratford Shakespeare Festival, The Ed Mirvish (Toronto), Soulpepper (Toronto), Centaur Theatre (Montreal), Segal Centre (Montreal), Waterfront Theatre (Vancouver), PS 122 (NYC), Here Arts Centre (NYC), Wilma Theatre (Philadelphia), University of Ireland (Galway), and Project Arts Centre (Dublin) among a whack of others.


He gained many dozens of new Instagram friends, and a good several handfuls of Twitter followers while playing David Rizzio, that cute long-haired Italian merchant who wormed his way into Mary Queen of Scots Privy Chamber on the 4th and final season of the CW network’s Reign. He looked more or less like this:



He is represented by Chelsea McIsaac in English at Glenn Talent Management in Toronto and Montreal, and by Valerie de Launiere in French at Agence Cormier de Launiere in Montreal.






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