The Graduate

Laughter guaranteed La Presse

 Newly observed, freshly curated and often hilarious Montreal Gazette

Directed The Graduate at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts in Montreal (Sept 4 – Sept 23, 2014). 



Featuring an original, live soundtrack by Matthew Barber and Justin Rutledge.


Featuring Matthew Barber, Georgina Beaty (Elaine), Graham Cuthberstson, Alain Goulem, Luke Humphrey (Benjamin), Marcel Jeannin, Seska Lee, Brigitte Robinson (Mrs. Robinson), Justin Rutledge & Jane Wheeler, 


Montreal Gazette Review

Montreal Gazette Preview Article

La Presse Review (French)

Le Devoir Review (French)

Le Devoir Preview Article (French)

Matthew Barber and Justin Rutledge talk about the music they composed for, and performed in, the production. 

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